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Friday, August 19, 2011

My New Kidney - Part III

So, I was wheeled down to the O.R. at 3:30 in the morning.  I was already a bit groggy at this point, which totally affects my memory - so bear with me if the events here as I recall them are fuzzy.  I'll probably have my wife chime in here from time to time to fill in the gaps.  I mean, after all they sedated me and then put me under!

So, there we were - Jordan and I, sitting in the waiting room of the O.R.  Well, she was sitting.  I was sprawled out like a happy dog on my bed.  They'd given me a shot of some kind of happy juice, so I was just content to listen to the elevator music that was coming from somewhere unknown.  Jordan sat there, holding my hand and stroking my hair.  It was very peaceful. 

I heard some random grumblings coming from some of the people at the desk; they were there to assist in the surgery in various ways, and it sounded like they were complaining about something.   About what, I didn't know - I didn't know why they weren't mellowing out to the groovy sounds of the Muzak version of "Band on The Run" that was coming from down the hall.

Suddenly, as if I heard the hoofbeats of a marching army, my surgeon showed up.  This lady is a tough, no-nonsense, take no prisoners, lets get the job done and get it done right kinda lady.  Basically, she's awesome.  She comes into the room, and I can smell the palpable anger.

"I've been calling down here every 15 minutes for the last hour!" she screamed at them.

The team was grumbling that they were waiting for her.... and she chewed them out, hard.  After this minor screaming match.  She marched over to me and Jordan, huffing and puffing from chewing the others out, and shouted at us....  "You're IMPORTANT!!!" and she marched off into the distance.  Even though I was stoned to the gills, I was even a little shocked.  But Band on The Run soon overtook me again.

With the situation resolved, my surgeon went down to the operating room to prepare.  I laid there - holding Jordan's hand.  We sat quietly, merely looking into each others eyes.  This was it.  The moment we'd been waiting for.  All of our hardship, all the work and sacrifice of the past four years - in a moment, everything would change.  We needed no words.  After all we had been through together - that magic moment had arrived.  I've only ever felt the pulling gravity of love and anticipation so hard twice in my life - once was when I stood at the altar, looking down the aisle to see my bride coming to meet me - and the other was when she held my hand, looked into my eyes, and made the silent promise to be with me as we ventured down this hallway.  

Soon, the orderly came to take me down to the OR.  I'd been down this path before.  I remembered being marched down the same hallway seven years ago, to recieve a kidney from my father.  I remember the longing, the anticipation.... and here I was again.  Being wheeled slowly down that long, sterile white hallway, to the double doors of the OR.  Laying on my back, watching the ceiling tiles fade out into that world behind me - feeling the rush of briskly cold air as I entered the OR.

The Doctor asked me, "Hey.... do you mind if we listen to Lady Gaga during the surgery."

I tried to think of something witty - if you know me, you know that to put it mildly, I am not a fan of the Gaga's music.  But, I was too all I spit out was.... "Hey.... it's okay, it's just a Bad Romance...rah-rah-oh-la-la...."

I was placed next to the tiny operating table, and I slid myself over on it.  Those things are small. I am not a small boy, so I felt a bit weird.  I looked up and saw a big bright light..... and the anesthesiologist said, "We're going to put a central line in you, to administer the drugs...."  I said, "Will it hurt?"  he said, "Hahah, you won't feel a thing...." and he placed a mask over my mouth and nose.  I breathed in, and within minutes I saw black.

A few minutes later, I woke up real groggy.

"Great," I thought.  "Of course the medicine would wear off before they even start...."

"Man," I said aloud. "Have we even started yet??"

A nurse said to me, "Honey.... we've been done for a while...."

And suddenly, I realized I was a little sore and stiff, and my belly definitely felt funny.  Jordan was there.  She was beaming.

"Baby..... you've been making urine like crazy...." she said, and held up a bag.  It was almost full of urine.

I was stunned... it really happened.  It really happened.  I wish I didn't feel like I was BADLY hungover!

Jordan looked so happy - she took a video of me.... and we posted updates to Facebook, to keep everyone informed of what was going on. 

And thus began my road to recovery.


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  1. I would love for you to add me on FB so I can see the photos and videos.