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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Getting a blood transfusion

So, I've been having problems with this internal mucosal prolapse ulcer that bleeds in my colon.  It developed because of all the hard, dry stools and straining that I've been doing.  Dialysis sucks all the water out of your body, and often constipation is the result.  Mine just developed into this headache that's been ruining my life - and there's little that can be done for it until I get a kidney transplant.  Oof.

So, anyway, it looks like it's been bleeding a lot again, because my hemoglobin and hematocrit levels are critically low - and I have to go in the hospital to get two units of blood.

I feel fine today, but earlier in the week I wasn't feeling well at all - so hopefully this will help me to feel much better.  I'm just sick of having to deal with all this stuff, and it making me feel like crap - and useless.  I feel so helpless and useless when these conditions just tire me out to the point that I can barely do anything.  I hope this helps.


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