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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sharing Thoughts

I enjoy writing this blog; it is, of course, in many way cathartic to me.  There's a lot of brain dribble that occurs when you live with a chronic illness.  Times when "all you do is think" as a Cowboy from New Jersey once put it.  So this is a way to give life to all the mish-mash that wanders into my head, and it feels good to see it come alive.

I'm glad that so many people take the time to read this stuff - and I know sometimes some of it can be a little depressing or sad.  I've gotten some really genuine letters and phone calls from friends and family that start with "Well, I read your blog....".... heh.  Sorry, I don't mean to make anyone worry but sometimes, yeah, things aren't so pleasant in my life and I like to talk about it.  Getting your feelings and assessments on the situation when things aren't so great is a good way to cope and move on.  Sometimes what I write is going to be silly and funny, because most of the time - that's who I am.  But, I suppose, sometimes it's going to be sad, wistful, and introspective - because I always feel that way too.  Being human is a strange dichotemey at times: learning to balance the light and the shade is what it's all about.  To me, anyway.

So, I just want to say thanks to all who checked in with me after my last entry that I wrote in the middle of the night.  Though nights like that happen more often than I'd like, I'm still going strong and will continue to do so.  Being strong and living with this means embracing the fact that I'm going to have struggles and hard times.  Getting through it feels pretty good, though.

So, the wait for a kidney continues.  Thanks for reading - and for caring.


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