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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Story of my Kidney.....

 So, wow.  I got a new kidney.

It's been a long road.  Four years of waiting.  Four years of hoping..... I probably still haven't faced the sheer magnitude of it all, and I'll probably be writing about this event for a long time.

But for now, I'm just in awe.

Friday, July 22nd started out like every other day for the past four years.  I woke up feeling like a bag of assholes.  Yeah, a bag of assholes.  That unpleasent.  But that was normal - pulling myself out of bed and heading to the toilet to sit on it in agony was routine, and this morning didn't disapoint.   I managed to eat half a Pop-Tart and a small glass of water before I took Jordan in for her day of work.  She was working a 12 hour shift at the hospital, so I knew I'd have dialysis late at night.  I'd probably spend the day moping on the couch, sleeping, reading and surfing the net because I had zero energy.

I drove Jordan into work, and kissed her goodbye - and as I drove home, I got a strange minor surge of energy.  I knew we were out of milk, and Jordan likes to have cereal in the morning, so I decided to drive to the Supermarket to get some.  I got to the store, and strode in - noting just how weak and tired I felt, I made a beeline to the milk.  And then my phone rang.

It was Lavell from the transplant center.

"Are you sitting down?"

"Well, I'm in Wegman's buying Milk....."

"Okay.... well, it's not definite yet, but we may have a kidney....."

Suddenly, my day got a little more interesting.




  1. I just found your blog this past weekend and it inspired me to chronicle my own CKD journey. I pray that you were able to receive a kidney and that you are healing nicely.

    ¸. • ¸. •*´¨ ) ¸. •*¨ *
    ( ¸. •´ ( ¸ . •* Learn. Lead. Love. CharPower© -:¦:-

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