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Monday, October 21, 2013

Lest I forget... or any one.

I read a sad article today about a husband and wife music Duo - the wife contracted Lupus, and while on dialysis, she contracted an infection, which weakened her heart and ultimately killed her.  Her distraught husband shot himself hours later.  They were 40 and 39 respectively.

You know, some people think that dialysis is just some "thing" you do, like taking a pill, or getting a shot.  But it's dangerous.  It's dangerous as hell.  When I think about all the risks involved with the process, and how I did it for quite a few years... I count myself lucky.  I also consider myself fortunate enough to have had a wife as amazing as mine.

She took care of me - and was my home dialysis partner.  She made sure the process always ran clean, sterile and smooth.  I never had a problem with anything like that - I got a cellulitis infection in my leg while on dialysis (not because of it, though - had a scrape on my leg, went in a hot tub and got an infection....d'oh!!!) and I was in the hospital for like a week and half! It was insane - it took forever to fight the infection it seemed.

But Jordan... what she dealt with in ensuring my care was immaculate?  I can't even imagine.  And she did it all with grace, style and precision.  She's the reason I'm still here - and to call myself lucky is really underselling it.

If you know someone on dialysis, remember that it's hard on so many levels - and if you know a couple that is doing it together, know they need a little bit of extra love and support, because it's scary, lonely and dangerous out there.



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