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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Any Day Now

So, I didn't get the kidney last time.  But I got a call!

A glimmer of hope!  After four years!

I almost forgot what real hope feels like.  You glide along in this "maintenance" mode for years just to get by.... I mean, I've been on auto-pilot for years now..... but this.... I could get another call any day now, and the prospect of that is exciting.

I just wonder what life will be like post-transplant; will I have complications?  Will I get a reprieve, and live a "normal" life?  What will I do with myself?

The future is wide open - and full of possibilities.  Some of that is scary, no doubt, but I've got so many aspirations I can't be held down.

Soon.  I can feel it.


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