The Adventures of Kidney Boy

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Getting "The Call"

I was up early this morning - I got into the shower around 7 AM.  When I got out, my phone was ringing.  I saw the number on the caller ID - It was the Transplant Clinic.

Oh.  Man.

I answered, and Ellen - my coordinator - said "Your number's come up!  You're a backup for a kidney we've got, but we need a current blood sample to cross match!"

My heart hit the floor and then the roof....  I told her I'd be there in a few minutes, as I lived down the road, and I woke up my wife, who almost fell out of bed with excitement.  We got ready in a hurry, and raced down to the hospital.

We waited in the lobby of the clinic; there was a little girl in the waiting room, too.  She was probably about 8 or 9.... just a sweet little thing.  I heard the excitement in her and her moms voice - they were waiting for a kidney too.  That poor little girl had a bunch of surgeries, she said.... I know how much I'm suffering from this, but at least I had my childhood.... this poor girl.... my heart just bled for her.  I hope she gets a kidney too.

So they took my blood, and said they'd know if I didn't cross match in about 4-6 hours.  Ellen said she'd call me either way to let me know.  I'm still waiting right now, and though I was cool about it all day - it's consuming me now.

Waiting is crazy.  But the hope... the possibility..... my life could change...... I'm hoping.



  1. WoooHooo! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

  2. I read this and started crying... oh how I hope you got this kidney!!!

  3. Thanks Vickie!
    He didn't get the kidney but now we're 2nd on the list. Is your Husband on the transplant list yet?

  4. My husband has not had any luck getting on the list as of yet, the first time we went they turned him away because of where he worked. The next time because he had an open wound on his foot. Were keeping our fingers crossed hopefully next time!!!

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