The Adventures of Kidney Boy

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Gift of Friends

Recently, a group of friends came together to organize a benefit for me and Jordan - they're calling it "Steve-Stock".  Yesterday, we had a meeting to decide such things as a venue, music, food and prizes for a silent auction and raffle.

The whole thing completely amazes me - a lot of people from my past, folks I haven't seen in years, came out to support the thing.  It really looks like it will be a fun an amazing event.... but more than that, it's really touched my heart.

You often wonder if you've done the right things in life - life is full of choices and "what-ifs" and I have more than my fair share of them.  But the sheer amount of people that have come out to support me, and say wonderful things about me..... well, it makes me feel like I've done something right in my life.

I really can't say thanks enough, or even express how I feel.  Life has been pretty hard for me for the last few years, and I've been doing my best to shine on and keep moving for a better future.  But it's hard.... and along with my body failing, I find my spirits falling every now and then too.  This was just a huge karmic boost.

Thank you to all the friends and family who've supported us.... and to those who will support us in the future.  I promise you, that when I become more stable - and hopefully more healthy with a transplant - that your faith and support in me will not be in vain.  I do feel that my life is a life worth living, and your support of me strengthens that resolve so much.

Stay tuned for more info on Steve-Stock - if you want to donate, give a gift, help out, etc.... I'll have more information soon.