The Adventures of Kidney Boy

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


So, I start 2012 with a kidney.

Wow.  It's amazing, really.  Just amazing.  I started off last year seriously thinking that 2011 might be the year kidney failure got a hold of me and sent me packing.   Now, here I am a year later - feeling very different.

Things are working well with the kidney.  This week, I'll be 6 months out from my transplant.  It's working great.... it's just awesome.

Still getting used to life with the kidney.  I've gained a BUNCH of weight post transplant - combine prednisone with a returned appetite, and a dude who loves to indulge his gourmand and... well, you get a pleasantly plump Steve.  Not like I was slim before, but dialysis had me down pretty low, weight wise.  So, I've bit the bullet, accepted that I'm in my 30's and I've adjusted my diet and joined a gym.  My amazing wife and total partner in crime, Jordan, has joined me in this endeavour and so far - it's actually been really amazing.  We joined Planet Fitness,  which is really a great place to go try to get yourself back into shape.  Not to sound crude, but it's totally a gym that a fatty like yours truly can go to without feeling bad.  There's all kinds of people in there who are just trying to get some physical activity into their daily routines and get in better shape.  It's nice.  It's not full of muscle bound lunkheads or look-at-me spandex wearing harpies.   It's just a bunch of normal peeps trying to raise their health level; the place has a real prominent no judgement policy, so it really makes it a nice environment.  I've been popping myself on a recumbent bike, running on treadmills and attempting to use an elliptical machine, but I'll tell you - after over four years of sitting in a dialysis chair, my leg muscles (hell, all my muscles) are out of shape.  But it feels good to not only get moving, but to be able to do it!  I don't feel like death warmed over when I'm done with our workout.  And Jordan is right there with me... it's actually kind of fun.  It's just nice to do something positive with my wife while these winter months keep us indoors.  Hopefully, but the time summer rolls around, we'll be in great shape to do all the outdoorsy stuff we enjoy.

So, along with working out, I'm attempting to re-enter the job world.  It's a scary prospect - I haven't worked a real job in years; I've been a chronic patient.  Trying to find something is hard - I also have to finish school sometime too.  I got sick and involved in this whole dialysis mess while I was in the middle of going to school.  So, yeah, getting a job and going back to school almost 10 years later makes me a bundle of nerves, I'm not going to lie.  Time is the worst; I know it's just going to take time, but I wish I had in all figured out right now.

So that's the start of my 2012.  I hope it all goes well, and even if that stupid brouhaha around the Mayan Calender turns out to be right (Highly Doubtful), I'm gonna bust my ass until then!  So, I wish you all a great 2012.  To all my friends out there still on "The Big D", I wish you the best.  I know how hard it is.  I know how soul crushing it can be, and I know it sucks.  I wish I could do more for you.... but I send you my heartiest well wishes.


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