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Sunday, February 27, 2022

The Relentless March of Very Normal Things

 Time passing is one of the only constants in life. It's something that is going to happen, no matter what.  You can't count on much, but you can count on time passing.  Which is why it amuses me that I, like many, am so affected when I think about where all the time went.  A friend of mine lost a pet recently; two of my friends, in fact. Their pets were similar in age, about 15 years old.  The thing is, I remember when they got these animals in their lives; I remember them as little ones like it was not so long ago.  It just blows my mind that 2007 was 15 years ago now - I remember those days far too well for them to have been that long ago.  I mean, 15 years was longer than my whole grade school career, which seemed to last a lifetime when I was in them.  Now, that same gulf of time seems like a blip.

But this is normal, inevitable.  And here I am, still riding in this ship, wondering what the hell I'm doing here anyway.  Don't we all wonder this, though.  Even those who I think are more self-assured than I are probably suffering from their own identity in time crisis. I hope that whatever time I have left here, I enjoy it at least.  I spent a lot of time growing older waiting for the good times to start, when often I was right in the middle of them.  Sometimes, this is as good as it gets and you should just have that next slice of pizza.

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